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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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>> are there any other members of the public that would like to make the comment at this time? >> seeing none, the public comment is closed and i just want to make a few comments, and i grew up in this city, and i have been actively engaged,
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and trying to help, support members of the community, and change lives, and yes, i represent district five, and i do it, but i do take offense that i am not someone who is thinking about members of the african american community, all over the city. a couple of weeks ago a friend that i grew up in the western community, who lived in the bay view hunter's point was killed in a tl. and african americans who i grew up with, many of them who grew up in the western edition, sadly have ended up in the tl, and substance abuse, and drug abuse, and homeless and sros and other places. and when i am in that area, and i am driving by or catching a bus down in that area, there is never a time that i don't see, a lot of the folks that are out
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there, that i don't know. that are not my friends that i don't say hey and wave and so on and so forth and in many instances i interact with those, i need a job, i need support, what can i do? well the job one stop, in the western edition, community is not just for the western edition, community, it is for anyone who is a san franciscan, who is looking for an employment opportunity, and i am out there, on the corners, and pushing people, to show up for these opportunities, and we have through the eoc and townsend and his work and getting the people the job opportunities who basically decide, you know what? i am ready and i want to do it and i am going to show up, what do i need to do and we have led them step by step, and not only that, we have city job opportunities funded readily available for them, and if they basically get to a point where they being employed, the point that i am making is, there is a lot of work, that is being done. and it is not just specific to
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a district, this is a city wide problem, there is a problem, when many of my friends, who i grow up with are dead are in jail, there is a problem in the city, when it is really difficult, when i am talking out, every single day and someone is looking for a job opportunity, or wondering what they can do or where they can live, in the city and county of san francisco. and this is not just a board of supervisors, problem, this is a city as a whole problem and this is a leadership problem and we can't be greety about me me me and my my my i want to basically do well with my business and not give back to do anything for anybody else. that is bigger issue here, when we are talking about the solutions we need to put it all out on the table and talk about what is happening now, and in the organizations that are funded and not doing the work, what is happening with those organizations and the poverty pimps who are getting millions of dollars to take care of our community and they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing we, have to all put that stuff aside, and figure out ways in which we can come together, as a community, and
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be responsible for making a difference for the people who need it the most. no, we can't, help everybody, and there is some people who we know, there are amazing workers out there, but can't pass the drug test in order to get a city job, and we know that we have folks in the community that need a little bit more help and a little bit more support and guidance, we need to figure out ways in which we can invest those dollars, appropriately, to get those folks ready because we don't want to send them to the hotel and have them fail, we want them to succeed and we want them to be working when we and the folks get off of the plane we want to see a diverse group of people and african american and we want to see them at the restaurant and hotel. business and business people all over the city, representing the african americans community, and so, when we talk about it we need to get the population ready, it is what i
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have actually been working on as a supervisor and i am proud of my work and i am proud of the fact that all of those folks that are out there working and advancing and cleaning up and doing things and dpw, some of those folks are from the hunter's point and some of them from the tl and the fillmore and they are from all over and we have a city wide problem that we need to address, and i think that supervisor cohen and i, we have been leading the way and doing what we can, and money is going to a lot of programs, all over the city. and we are trying to hold them accountable, but we are only two people and when you are bringing forth, information, and ideasing and solutions to this problem, we are open to that and we are toep to that but we will not be dictated to, we want to be a partner in this effort. we want to figure out how to work together to resolve this you. and we want to do it with facts and information and do it as a real partner. and so, i just want to make
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sure that we have to look at ourself and say what is the problem or the real solution, and so the opportunity is now. we have a board of supervisors, not just we have two on the board, but because we have other sympathetic members of the board who care about this issue and the time to deal with legislation is now, and the time to deal with the appropriate funding and appropriate planning and data collection and all of those things is now, but a big part of what is going to help us achieve that goal is strong leadership from the mayor's office, and strong support from his various departments who have the ability to effectively not only, implement this work, but hold folks accountable insure that the numbers meet the need and specifically, with the western edition, neighborhood access point, which is the job system in
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district five, which i know, many of you know about, we are checking, every single month to make sure that those 61 people that have gotten jobs through the problem and how many of them are employed after the next month and after the next month, and after the next month and yes we have lost two or three folks through this particular opportunity, and but we can't just say, here is the money, i got 61 people employed and all of a sudden we go back and none of them are employed because they are in temporary jobs, that is not what we should do as a city. we have to hold them accountable do the work that we are there to do and the funding that they are doing to get the people jobs or my job as supervisor it make sure that they are getting people jobs and people are keeping those jobs, one step at a time, one thing at a time and i appreciate you all being here and i appreciate the feedback and so now i want something tangible that i can work it as a legislator to pass the policy and figure out where we can get dollars from and how we can and where is the plan and where is the detailed plan as it relates?
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with that, i thank you all, again for coming, and i will turn it over to supervisor cohen. >> i want to close out and, thank you for those thoughtful remarks and i want to acknowledge a few people, i saw rhonda, and i want to acknowledge, moss and miller, and we have got fred, and casey and i don't know, thank you for leadership on this and helping me to coordinate all of this and i do have a request that this committee, continue this et em to the call of the chair to be sure that we can bring this back in a few months to be sure that we are meeting our goals, and that we are and we have an opportunity to continue this dialogue so that we can determine how much we have progressed and how much we have not. i would like to make that motion, and ask that the body
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make that motion. >> and thank you for hearing this item. >> okay. >> and so, thank you, so, president chiu? >> so, i am happy to as a member of the committee to make the motion, and let me just add the thanks to the members of the community, and to the important critical conversation, and this is not on the shoulders and not just on the shoulders of our african americans colleagues and i am happy to partner and to do as much lifting as needs to be done. >> and we, as a number of folks have said that we talk about this issue, but it is important for us to move beyond the talk and actually go through the results and see the progress and look forward to that work, that we are going to do and offer it the next time, and we will be able to report back on what has happened, and i am happy to make the motion for us to continue this item at the call of the chair. and thank you. >> thank you.
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>> okay. the item, and the motion has been made to continue this, with the item is the call of the chair. without objection, and item passes, thank you so much. all right, madam clerk, is there any other business before us. >> that concludes our business for today. >> we are adjourned. thank you.
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>> this coffee memory i remember having coffee with any grappled. in the old days myelogram ma get together >> i was six or seven i made a faces a good face. >> when i was younger i know it did something to my body. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i've been drinking coffee since i was 17 really the only thing i'm good at i was trying
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to find out what i was good at i got a job at the coffee shop i decided to do that the rest of my life. i like the process of the coffee and what are those beans where do they come from oh, they come from a fruit. >> the coffee stays with me since i was a kid i grew up and opened coffee shops everybody. in the 8 i visited over 11 hundred coffee shops maybe more to see why people go to coffee shops >> we're searched the beans all over the world from east afghan and tokyo. >> when i wanted to do was get into aspect of the personal
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coffee and the processing and everything else there was multiple steps in making coffee and we did have a lighter roost because of the qualities of the keep once you roost it it home gisz the coffee. >> one thing about the coffee they were special blends and i spent seven years on one blend so that's my pleasure. each bean they were all chosen and blended with each with different cultural and beans is like people and those people give me a reputation i can't buy. people love you my clients love
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me they take me to the moves movies. >> fell in love with coffee and went to the coffee shops the community aspect i really enjoyed. >> i think it's important to have a place for people to show up and talk to their neighbors and recorrect. your surrounded with all those behalf communicated i communities >> i love my city san francisco has a good name my has every cultural in this planet living in san francisco it's a small city 7 by 7 but it's huge. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> i really like the idea of staying in the neighborhood and living in the mission i've lived here the whole time and the community really stick to it people talk about seattle and portland now they talk about seattle and san francisco. or portland and san francisco but san francisco is definitely on the cutting-edge of the coffee scene in the entire nation. >> there's so many romance in coffee is surrounds the sourcing of that and thinking about where it came from and how and coffee is wonderful. >> i know for a fact i was born to make coffee. i have a notice from the dad let
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the life i live speak for me and let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> good afternoon, everybody.
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thank you, everyone for being here and i want to thank you for joining me and the board of supervisors for this special occasion to sign our next two year budget 8.6 he million dollars this city is worth it. it is as i may say an historic time and budget navigate as i signed this budget i'm reminded and i think the supervisors know this as well it is really the first time in 6 years we've had a budget deficit under $100 million the supervisors feel it as we've gone to every district and 4ri7bd to the needs of the district and make sure the budget reflected not only citywide values but our neighborhood as well i want to thank you president chiu and
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supervisor farrell all the members of this year's budget committee who are standing here and the entire members of the board of supervisors. i want to thank and department heads many who joined us in our neighborhood and thank the commissioners for your hard work with checking in with our department heads to make sure we're producing this budget this year's budget reflected a lot of good hard work between the city government and the people we serve we've should with our city family and left-handed to hundreds of community leaders and the people that get the work down you our labor force they were a great part of this year's budget we should to get the contracts with literally all our
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city employees thanks to our labor leaders this is a strong reflection of carried out services i want to thank all the elected officials not only do we represent the department argue as elected officials they give us a lot of good advice well beyond their divisions. twoeth together with the board we've made smart investments and the budget is fiscal pursuant that is a keystone to our city we've increased the services to our recipe are the input they've been critical in transportation and education and our social net and infrastructure that is recorded in the cost of living
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increases we make sure we did for our nonprofits and their an incredible part of our delivery we've made fair wage increases to our city employees an, an historic investment in our housing. i would say i think we all truly building that the big challenges of our economic challenges are behind us but we don't want to deviate what is has gotten us here to be the fiscal success the continued commitment to our fiscal responsibilities to make sure our budget balances all the needs of diverse communities and we'll continue to invest in our infrastructure and most importantly in the people one hundred percent of all the people in san francisco. again thanks to the board for
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working together with us for creating the budget. in his second year supervisor farrell thank you for your steadfastly leadership and commitments to building this collaborative process (clapping) i want to say thanks to dan roman field to make sure not only his capacity as controller he keeps us on a due course (clapping) and the people that helped me to make sure i've got all the issues in hand and that's my chief of staff and kate howard both from the controller's office and the mayor's office for their excellent work thank you very much (clapping) budget whiz wards i call them.
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but i'd like to an opportunity to specially niefrt david for a few words he's been watching this in his district and the whole board of supervisors. supervisor david chiu >> thank you mr. mayor just a couple of words first of all, those of us who were here when i came into office we had half a billions of we were debating whether to close down first stations and trying to figure out where to cut hubt i publicity and services i want to thank dan roman field in 149 we passed two year bushlt. >> hydrahave a healthy budget
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due to our budget wizards i want to congratulate us was likely the easily budget to move forward because our economy is healthier but we're working together to fourth our top priorities and what we're going to invest in i want this thank obviously there's a tremendous amount of work that happens at the board of supervisors i want to thank the staff and the budget committee their hard work led lbe their fear also leaders supervisor farrell and he can go home earlier to spend time with his kids in the evening supervisor farrell. >> (clapping) >> thank you president chiu and mayor ed lee it's maiming two years in a row we've passed this out of the committee and the board of supervisors. when we started this process i
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think mayor ed lee and i had a commitment to have an open and transparent process that did as is mayor ed lee respect to every be district to meet with the committee heads and we had a town hall online meeting so people could weigh in we want to make sure our budget protects us for the future it's not talked about we're the only city in the united states that passed pension reform and things at the battle we're setting ourselves up in terms of our physical headquartered we wanted to make sure we worked with the board of supervisors and my colleagues, i want to shout out to all my committee members supervisor avalos and supervisor mar and supervisor london breed and
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conserving who pickup truck in the countless hours and lastly we wanted to make sure that the budget we passed was also rehabilitate of the things in our entire city the mayor prioritized things in his budgeted a lot of money towards affordable housing or continue the road repaving making sure we invest in our infrastructure critical things we've done and the board of supervisors coming on top of that food security so our seniors and protecting residents don't sit home hunger i think we can be proud of you want to say a special thanks first from 0 my staff katherine to the mayors team kate howard she is indescribable to our team
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and the whole city of san francisco for her entire team thank you kate for all you do (clapping) and as was mentioned to the inspire controller's office dan rosen field and late nights they're here past maintained this doesn't happen so thank you ben and your entire staff for all you've done (clapping) and from the boards prospective obviously hearing rose thank you for your hard work this was haurz 40th budget inside city hall thank you favoring and to our own city attorney's office
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john gibner, deputy city attorney and all their hard work and certainly to the mayors other team and staple jason and the entire team that works closely with the board of supervisors. thank you all we're all proud of the budget two years running we passed it this year earlier and on time and passed consensus on time thank you and thank you to all for being here (clapping) >> and let me add my personal thanks to harvey i asked for the county of los angeles we question got it. this is just a budget document i know it reflects a lot of what we worked hard at planning for. what we do do outside this budget document can challenge the dedicate balance but i have
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faith the people that carry out the budget most of who is standing here are going to do us proud i ask not only celebrate the budget but the people who are going to carry out the budget to the city departments you're going to make sure we carry this out. are we ready to sign. all right. let's do it (clapping) want up close? (laughter) all right. and today is
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july 23rd >> 23rd. there you go done >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance subcommittee meeting for wednesday, july 23rd, 2014. mna